Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Twinsie Tuesday: Top 5 Favorite Books for Toddlers!

I took the twins top 5 favorite books, as of right now, and I thought I share them with you.  I enjoy reading with all our kids.  Reading inspires the imagination and personally I could spend hours in a book store or library.  With the boys we usually read the same stuff over and over again.  Any home with young children knows about that!  So here's the twins' top 5 favorites...

1. Big Chickens by Leslie Helakoski
This book is hilarious!  It tells the story of four big chickens who are afraid of everything and how they overcome those fears.  We laugh and laugh and the boys can say from memory now "Ooh me two, me three, me four"  Great pictures in too!

2.  And To Think I Saw It On Mulberry Street by Dr. Seuss
This is Liam's favorite! This is an old favorite of mine too!  I'm sure most people are familiar with this one.  A little boy wants to have something interesting to tell his dad about his walk home from school.  So he lets his imagination run wild!  It's full of all kinds of fun and a true Dr. Seuss story!

3.  Little One, God Made You by Amy Warren Hilliker
We've had this book since our 8 year old was little.  I've read this book to all our boys and love it!  The pictures are so sweet and it's a great read for little kids.  It's so basic and easy but full of truth that God made them to love them!

4.  Silly Little Goose! by Nancy Tafuri
A creative book about a little mother goose who is trying to find a perfect place to start her family.  She keeps trying to settle into other farm animals spots until she finds the right place for her.  The boys will make all the sounds of the animals as we read and the book has colorful pictures.

5.  First book of letters published by Parragon Publishing
This book is your basic letters book.  It has pictures of everyday things coordinating with the letters.  It's colorful and easy to turn because it's a board book.  We actually have a lot of these types of books some on shapes and colors and others on numbers.  The twins carry them around with them and will just look them over cover to cover.  It's easy for them to read themselves because it's basically a picture book.  I picked up a whole bunch at a sale that a retired teacher was having.

I know most of these aren't classic children's reading.  We have lots more to pick from but these have been are go to books lately.  My favorite thing is that they enjoy them!  I used to think we should only read the classics or the award winning teacher approved books, until we started teaching my oldest how to read.  I wanted him to WANT to read.  And he very rarely picked out the books I wanted him to. Finally, I just decided as long as he's reading and liking to read, I'd just let him choose.   And I still share with them my favorites from time to time.

What are some of your kids favorite reads these days?   Has your family been reading any of the books on our list?  Any books they carry around with them?  I would love to hear it!

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  1. stopping by from bloggymoms. I am so intrigued. We haven't read any of these books and my girls have an expansive library. We have this great book called "Traveler" about a dog that was in the stable when Jesus was born that Little Bit loves and Half-Pint is all about Doc McStuffins. We have a few of her books.